Major UK ultrasound services provider orders six new Infinity

The largest independent provider of specialist vascular ultrasound services in Europe, Independent Vascular Services Limited (IVS), United Kingdom, has pre-ordered PIUR IMAGING´s soon-to-be-released tomographic ultrasound system PIUR tUS Infinity. IVS has been a clinical user of PIUR´s first generation tomographic ultrasound device for several years, providing safe and cost-effective diagnostic imaging to their patients at the University Hospital South Manchester. With the purchase of six new mobile Infinity systems, IVS wants to enhance their clinical services in Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, North Manchester, Stockport, and Warrington.

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PIUR introduces PIUR tUS to South American market

ComboWith its presence at the VIII Congresso Brasileiro de Ecografia Vascular in Recife, Brasil, piur imaging GmbH continues with its global expansion strategy and introduces tomographic ultrasound to the South American market.

The Congresso Brasileiro de Ecografia Vascular is one of the most important vascular ultrasound meetings in the country and a great opportunity to evaluate the interest in the PIUR tUS technology in the region. Brazil is the largest market in South America, and due to its healthcare system, a country with great potential for PIUR tUS. While availability of high-end imaging technologies is high in larger metropolitan areas and to the private sector, smaller cities and the public sector often lack access to latest imaging technologies. PIUR tUS has potential to provide affordable access to high-end tomographic imaging for a greater number of patients.

During the congress, PIUR will be supported by its clinical partner Adriano Souza from Ecocenter Belo Horizonte, who will give a talk on how PIUR tUS can be used as a safe and cost-effective alternative for surveillance of AAA after EVAR intervention.

High-End, Low-Cost – Sensor-Based Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging

PIUR´s new sensor-based tomographic ultrasound solution could increase global access to high-resolution 3D imaging for vascular diagnostics and interventions

May 3, 2018 (Vienna, Austria) – PIUR IMAGING has presented its first working prototype of a sensor-based tomographic ultrasound solution last week at the Charing Cross Symposium in London. The innovation has been developed to provide mobile and inexpensive 3D image diagnostics and ultrasound-guided interventions to healthcare providers around the world, including those that currently lack access to advanced imaging technologies.

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