PIUR expands to Asian market

PIUR has closed a distribution agreement with SCHMIDT BioMedTech for distribution and service of PIUR tUS in Hongkong and Macau. This collaboration is the first step of PIUR´s expansion strategy to the Asian market in order to facilitate the use of safe and cost-effective ultrasound diagnostics in the region.

PIUR tUS extends standard ultrasound devices to produce three-dimensional tomographic image data, and therefore, to reduce the need for other, more expensive 3D imaging technologies. Additonal Asian countries will be added to the list of target countries over the next couple of months.

About SCHMIDT BioMedTech:

SCHMIDT BioMedTech represents leading manufacturers supplying operating theatre equipment and apparatus, critical care monitoring equipment and instruments, diagnostic imaging, pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment and analytical equipment to clinics, hospitals, research institutes and universities as well as selective technical industries.

Since its early beginnings, SCHMIDT BioMedTech has always placed special emphasis on the distribution of high quality apparatus, instruments and equipment. Today, SCHMIDT BioMedTech is the leading value-added distributor of quality hospital, medical, scientific and technology equipment, catering to an ever-growing range of customers in Asia Pacific. SCHMIDT BioMedTech is also instrumental in the transfer of new technologies to Asia Pacific.