PIUR launches carotid angiography

CarotisPIUR IMAGING GmbH announces the launch of new applications for their vascular tomographic ultrasound solution, PIUR tUS, in Europe. The new applications include three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound angiography for high-resolution imaging of carotid stenosis and multi-scan acquisitions that allow large volume imaging of peripheral vessels. A CE mark is expected for December 2017.

PIUR tUS extends regular ultrasound devices with a tomographic function so physicians can produce 3D diagnostic information without the need for X-rays or nephrotoxic contrast. Optimised usability and a high degree of automatisation improve diagnostic workflows and communication between physicians.

The new applications complement existing features of PIUR´s first tomographic ultrasound solution, launched in Autumn 2016, that include EVAR surveillance and vascular mapping. Contrast-enhanced tomographic ultrasound can be a safe alternative solution for EVAR surveillance, with higher sensitivity than CTA for endoleak detection, and more accuracy in its classification, according to a study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery by the University of Manchester in 2017.

“With the launch of tUS angiography and multi-scan acquisitions, we are further closing the gap between regular 2D ultrasound and 3D imaging technologies for vascular diagnostics”, says Robert Bauer, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of PIUR IMAGING. “It is the next step in making vascular diagnostic imaging more affordable and safer for our patients.”