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Carotid Plaque

Segment and quantify carotid plaque volume for the enhanced evaluation of cardiovascular risks.

Semi-Automatic Volume

Fast and accurate cardiovascular risk stratification

Rapid and accurate quantification of carotid plaque volume and 3D grayscale median using 3D ultrasound, enabling new possibilities in the prediction of cardiovascular events.

Carotid Virtual

Prevent cardiovascular disease  through 3D visualizations

Studies show the contributory role of pictorial presentations in increasing patients' adherence to medication and lifestyle modification.

Digital & Automatic Reporting.

With the click of a button, all findings and auto-generated screenshots are added to a standardized report.

Add your comments to the report, sign it, and send it to PACS, your patient, or the referring physician.

PDF and DICOM supported!

Testimonial Videos.


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