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A simple add-on solution to transform your current ultrasound system into a tomographic 3D imaging device

Ultrasound device
PIUR Infinity Video Box
PIUR Sensor

Tracks probe movement when attached to ultrasound transducer

PIUR Sensor

Infinity Video Box

Transfers live ultrasound images to workstation through wireless connection

Increase transparency
in your
diagnostic outcomes.

Our advanced tomographic 3D imaging technology captures and stores scans of entire organs & structures instead of individual slices. This facilitates collaboration among healthcare professionals and enhances monitoring of patient conditions.


radiology workflows.

With the Infinity, you can store and share acquired ultrasound volumes through PACS, giving you the flexibility to conduct image review from any place at any time.

Why don´t you outsource ultrasound scanning to your ultrasound technician?

How It Works.

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