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Our tomographic 3D ultrasound solution, seamlessly integrated into selected GE HealthCare ultrasound devices.

Ultrasound device

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LOGIQ™ E10s 

LOGIQ Fortis

3D Tomographic Imaging with your LOGIQ scanner.

Capture and store tomographic 3D acquisitions of entire organs & structures instead of individual slices. In combination with computer-assisted analysis tools, this enhances image review, collaboration, and patient care. All integrated into your LOGIQ scanner.

PIUR Sensor with Screen

Upgrade with
the PIUR Sensor.

Transform your LOGIQ ultrasound into an advanced tomographic 3D imaging device effortlessly. Simply clip on the PIUR Sensor when performing 3D acquisitions, and take it off during your regular 2D examinations.

It is as simple as that.

If you are interested, please reach out to your local GE HealthCare sales representative.

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