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  • What is the PIUR tUS Infinity?
    The PIUR tUS Infinity is an add-on solution to your ultrasound that utilizes innovative sensor technology to provide diagnostic tomographic 3D imaging with any transducer. With a quick transversal sweep, you can capture an entire thyroid lobe in a single volume. Computer-assisted analysis tools ensure swift and reproducible evaluations of thyroid and nodules - even retrospectively.
  • Who is the PIUR tUS Infinity System for?
    The PIUR tUS Infinity System is suitable for healthcare professionals with existing 2D ultrasound devices. Our target audience include Nuclear Medicine Specialists, Endocrinologists, Endocrine Surgeons, Radiologists, Internal Medicine, General Practitioners (GP), ENT-Surgeons (Ears-Nose-Throat), Vascular Surgeons, Angiologists, Screening Centers / Preventive Care, Research Institutions, Ambulatory Health Care Centers.
  • What kind of ultrasound imaging does the PIUR tUS Infinity System support?
    The PIUR tUS Infinity provides dedicated applications for computer-assisted review of thyroid, venous, and carotid images. However, it is also possible to image and review other organs and structures, e.g. the aorta, liver, peripheral nerves and muscles.
  • What is the price of the PIUR tUS Infinity System?
    For pricing information, please contact us through our contact form.
  • What ultrasound machines is the PIUR tUS Infinity System compatible with?
    The PIUR tUS Infinity System is compatible with most ultrasound devices. All you need is a digital video output and you are ready for the next dimension!
  • What is included in the PIUR tUS Infinity System?
    The PIUR tUS Infinity System consists of the Infinity Video Box, the PIUR Sensor, and a license for the PIUR Infinity Software.
  • Is it possible to store the acquired images in PACS?
    Yes, the acquired tomographic image data can be sent to your PACS system as a reconstructed DICOM volume. Depending on your PACS viewer, it is possible to visualize this data as multi-planar reconstructions.
  • Is it possible to receive additional reimbursement for those 3D scans?
    Depends. In some countries, including Germany and Switzerland, reimbursement codes for 3D image acquisition and analysis are available. Please check for the individual reimbursement code in your country or contact us for more information.
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