Safe and cost-effective vascular diagnostics

"We make vascular imaging safer and more affordable
through innovative tomographic ultrasound solutions"

Reduce patient risk

EVAR Surveillance


Reduce risk and increase efficiency of EVAR surveillance

PIUR tUS EVAR Surveillance provides endoleak detection and classification with sensitivity and specificity comparable to CT angiography. EVAR surveillance can be performed without the need for patient referral, radiation exposure, or administration of nephrotoxic contrast agents.

Improve communication

Bypass mapping


Facilitate vessel mapping through PIUR tUS Bypass Mapping

PIUR tUS Bypass Mapping allows scanning, visualisation, and documentation of complete bypass candidates in 3D with standard ultrasound devices. Bypass maps can be generated more efficiently and assessed or reviewed directly by the operating surgeon, speeding up time.

What you gain from PIUR tUS

Reduced risk

Minimise exposure to ionizing radiation and nephrotoxic contrast by reducing the need for CT and catheter angiography

Higher return on investment

Replace high-cost diagnostic imaging technologies for many indications and keep your CT and MRI instruments free for other patients

Optimised workflows

Acquire all relevant diagnostic information with one examination and facilitate one-stop outpatient clinic appointments to include consultation and investigation

Shorter examination times

Speed up your ultrasound examinations through three-dimensional data analysis

Improved communication & data exchange

Share complete ultrasound volume data with surgeons and let them see for themselves what they are going to operate on

Cart EM Tracking

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