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Tomographic 3D Imaging for YOUR Ultrasound.  

Enhance your diagnostic workflow with volume acquisitions and 3D image analysis

3 simple steps 
for your diagnosis.

Freehand ultrasound acquisition

Volume reconstruction and image analysis

Reporting and
PACS archiving




Enables Radiology
Workflow for

The PIUR tUS Infinity opens up a new workflow for ultrasound, detaching image acquisition from image review. Combining local ultrasound acquisitions with central data analysis maximizes patient-throughput while maintaining or improving quality of diagnostic results.


It´s telehealth for ultrasound!

Radiology Workflow for Ultrasound - piur imaging

Increases patient throughput



Enables radiology & telehealth workflows

Reduces user-dependency

Enhances patient communication

Provides transparent diagnosis


disease monitoring

PIUR tUS Infinity. 

Designed to Fit Your Clinical Workflow. 

The wireless PIUR tUS Infinity transforms your current ultrasound system into a tomographic 3D imaging solution, adding a new dimension of documentation, transparency, and objectivity to your ultrasound examinations.

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What our users
have to say.

Dr. Erivelto Volpi

Dr. Erivelto Volpi

Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital Brazil

The three-dimensional visualization of the nodule adds value to its evaluation, both in terms of defining the conduct and showing to the patient, in an easy-to-understand way, the actual situation in which the nodule is. I have used it in all my cases.



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