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PIUR IMAGING and GE HealthCare collaborate to advance innovation with 3D thyroid ultrasound imaging

Combining the PIUR IMAGING breakthrough in tomographic 3D imaging for thyroid examinations with the market-leading GE HealthCare Ultrasound LOGIQ™ consoles, this new collaboration aims to forge an integrated innovation engine to advance the practice of radiology and care to patients worldwide.

PIUR tUS inside - available now

(Vienna, Austria, February 29, 2024) – This week, PIUR IMAGING and GE HealthCare announced a collaboration for distributing the integrated version of PIUR IMAGING’s 3D thyroid solution, called “PIUR tUS inside” on a range of compatible LOGIQ consoles to the European markets that comply with CE regulations.

“About 10 years ago, we set the course to change the way diagnostic ultrasound is performed,” says Frederik Bender, CEO of PIUR IMAGING. “Since then, we have been tirelessly working towards our vision to establish tomographic 3D ultrasound imaging as a state-of-the-art technology in diagnostic ultrasound. Working with GE HealthCare, the leading provider of ultrasound devices globally, is a resounding confirmation of the potential of our innovation for improving healthcare and the life of patients. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to see the first PIUR tUS inside integrated into a LOGIQ system being delivered.”

Robert Bauer, CTO of PIUR IMAGING, adds: "Seeing our technology seamlessly integrated into a premium ultrasound scanner fills me with immense pride. The ease and speed of the final solution reflects the years of hard work we've dedicated to its implementation, and this makes this achievement all the more significant."

The collaboration for bringing this latest innovation in medical imaging and exam workflow is made possible by GE HealthCare’s (GEHC) newly launched “App API” program with the next-level LOGIQ platform. The LOGIQ App API program offers third-party partners the ability to develop integrated applications on the scanner or streaming applications that leverage scanner data in real time. 

“PIUR tUS inside is one of the first integrated App API partners to go to market” said Katelyn Nye, General Manager of AI and Partnerships, Ultrasound, GE HealthCare.  “We are thrilled to demonstrate the potential for rapid, scalable innovation by working with companies like PIUR IMAGING. Together, using App API, we can bring the latest innovative solutions to the patient bedside faster.”

The PIUR tUS inside application seeks to better equip clinicians with solutions to precisely diagnose thyroid medical conditions and offers a continuum of care from detection to diagnosis of thyroid nodules. The PIUR tUS app uses an efficient, streamlined, and revolutionary technology that PIUR IMAGING has developed using AI and sensor technology, and successfully launched as a standalone version to the medical market.  PIUR IMAGING’s 3D sensor attached to GEHC LOGIQ probes, enables the user to acquire a 3D volume of the thyroid using a new sweep-based workflow. The integrated PIUR tUS application runs on the LOGIQ system and monitor without any additional hardware or infrastructure required.  The app automatically segments the thyroid, produces sagittal/transverse/coronal views, builds a 3D rendering, measures nodules and classifies according to the ACR TI-RADS classification. The offering will be available on the latest version of LOGIQ™ E10, LOGIQ™ E10s and LOGIQ Fortis™. 

“The task in thyroid diagnosis is the correct classification of nodules according to the TI-RADS system, but beyond this, we have challenging situations with multiple nodules. And one of the problems is standardization of loops and acquisitions, and reporting of all the findings, which is time-consuming,” said Prof. Julian Künzel, specialist in Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery and Ultrasound, University Hospital Regensburg. “The PIUR tUS solution will help us to reduce scanning and reporting time, because we can just perform one standard swipe through the thyroid.  This takes less time and we can have a closer look at all of the different nodules by post-processing the examination. PIUR tUS may facilitate reporting and archiving especially in multi-nodal goiters and could be helpful in monitoring of growth dynamics over time.”



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PIUR IMAGING is a Europe-based medical device company focused on enhancing healthcare diagnostics. Leveraging the power of AI, we specialize in tomographic 3D ultrasound imaging solutions, seamlessly integrated with existing ultrasound devices. Our advanced 3D imaging technology enables comprehensive volume measurements of entire organs and structures, significantly improving documentation, transparency, and objectivity in ultrasound examinations. With precise computer-assisted analysis and reporting, our software ensures greater reproducibility and workflow efficiency. From the diagnosis to the monitoring of thyroid nodules and various anomalies, we empower medical professionals to improve their diagnostic workflow as well as pre- and post-treatment care. For further information, visit:


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